Gibsons School provides a highly individualized learning program that gives all students a chance to start a fresh. Struggling learners, students with esteem needs, low memory and low cognition are given a chance using multisensory teaching and learning methods. Gibson school regularly assesses the students in speech pathology, audiology and other therapeutic assessment to find a coinstar machine Coinstar Money Transfer in Tanahun, Nepal
establish the learning gaps and intervening challenges. The school caters for children with mild learning difficulties stemming from dyslexia, language disability math disability ADD, ADHD and mild behavioral challenges. We encourage children to move on to mainstream schooling program (inclusion programs) if they manage to overcome their initial learning challenge. The IEP meeting will make this decision with the parent.

The school has a warm, conducive learner-friendly environment embedded in the positive discipline philosophy. At Gibson all learners are happy. Every learner at Gibson finds their orbit from which they navigate to their happy learning.

To be become an excellent leading center for learning and training in the area of special needs education and non-formal vocational education in East Africa.

source: Gibson’s Website

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