AFEW (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife)


AFEW was founded in the late 70’s with the vision of creating an educational institution in conjunction with rescuing the endangered Rothschild giraffes which resulted in the present day Giraffe Centre that has become a World famous Nature Education Centre. They are also dedicated towards promoting conservation of the environment through education and support conservation projects all over Kenya.


In the year 1996, AFEW introduced a way of reaching out to school children all over Kenya through an annual national environmental competition. An environmental theme is set in relation to the UN working theme for the year and posters sent out to schools from all over Kenya. Students are then given three months to express their environmental sentiments in form of artworks, essay writing and photography after which they bring in their work for marking. On the first Friday of June – World Environmental Day, the winners are given prizes and the outstanding male and female student are crowned Master and Miss environment. The biggest reward is then set for early December whereby the top 50 students are taken on a one week camping safari to our best National Parks and Reserves to expose them to what our beautiful, diverse country has to offer.


Gametrackers helps to co-sponsor these camping safaris by providing expedition trucks, camping equipment, driver and cook services for the excited winners.


The safaris aim to engage the students in activities that would help cultivate their interests in nature conservation as well as raise awareness that there is a great need for them to take responsibility of their environment. These activities included; participating in game drives, morning bid walks and debate forums. Each of the areas visited were educationally informative with an emphasis on conservation. For example;


  • Within the Mt. Kenya region, sweet waters game reserve rehabilitates orphaned endangered chimpanzees from West Africa whilst the Morani Education Centre (also within the reserve) is extremely informative on the rich biodiversity found in the reserve.
  • Lake Nakuru hosts the endangered black and white rhino’s.
  • Hells Gate National Park not only offers dramatic scenery but also harbours the Olkaria Geothermal Power Station which generates power from hot springs and geysers.