Gametrackers & the Simale Community


Our GTC 1 trip (10 days Turkana via Sweet Waters, Samburu, Marsabit, Chalbi Desert and Lake Baringo) is a tour that takes you up into the heart of the Northern Frontier District. You will get a chance to not only visit the endangered chimpanzees of Sweetwaters game reserve and view the unique species endemic to the North of Kenya, but also participate in an activity that directly benefits the community of Simale initiated by the Samburu Awareness and Action Group (SAA). On day 7 and 8 of the itinerary you get the chance to walk on foot around the foothills of Mt. Nyiro accompanied by Samburu herdsmen and their camels to carry your gear.

Benefits of the eco-tourism project:

Facilitated through the Samburu Awareness and Action group (SAA) and Gametrackers, this eco-tourism venture has benefited the local people in various ways:

  • The income generated has helped with the re-building of old schools within the area.
  • The community here depends on livestock for their livelihood, but through tourism they have gained an alternative means of earning a living, which is important in this drought–prone area.
  • Exposure to tourism has led to increased knowledge of cultures and assisted with the learning of English, helping to increase the general literacy of the community.
  • Money generated through tourism has meant that the SAA has been able to offer families loans in times of emergencies / crises e.g. displacement of homes due to droughts or intertribal clashes.